Joanna Warsza (Varsovia)
Stadionul X- locul care n-a existat. Proiecte de arta participativa in stadionul parasit al Varsoviei | Stadium X – place that wasn’t participation art projects in the derelict Stadium in Warsaw

Aflat in centrul Varsoviei, Stadionul X este o ruina contemporana. Ridicat din ceea ce a ramas dupa distrugerea Varsoviei dupa cel de-al doilea razboi mondial, stadionul urma sa marcheze inceputul epocii Stalin. In anii 80 acesta isi pierde functia de baza sportiva pentru a fi ulterior «resuscitat» de comerciantii vietnamezi si rusi – pionierii capitalismului - care si-au amplasat paturile lor de campanie cu produsele lor creand cea mai mare piata de bunuri din Europa Centrala, intitulata Jarmark Europa. Ruina stadionului si piata sunt astazi singurul loc «in afara oricarei logici» din capitala poloneza. Presentarea Joannei Warsza se va opri asupra a trei proiecte ce reflecta caracterul heterotopic si ireal al locului care - asemeni unui cimitir, gradina sau parc – este in acelasi timp fantastic si real, oglindind virtutile si viciile unei societati in contructie. Proiectele prezentate vor fi «Boniek!» – un remake al meciului Polania-Belgia al artistului elvetian Massimo Furlan prezentat de cunoscutul comentator sportiv Tomasz Zimoch; «Radio Stadion Broadcasts» – un radio international difuzat in toate limbile pe parcursul unui weekend si «Calatorie in Asia» – tur audio in sectorul vietnamez al pietei Jarmark Europa.

Joanna Warsza (n.1976) este performance curator si artist, coordoneaza Fundatia Laura Palmer. A absolvit Academia de Teatru Varsovia si Departamentul de Dans al Universitatii Paris 8. Performantele si actiunile pe care le curateaza si le pune in scena sunt la limita vietii de zi cu zi, a artei participative si a teatrului: «Virtual MOMA Varsovia» – tur intr-o expozitiei invizibila, «Global Kebab Network» – un show in localul Kebab, Belluard Festival Fribourg, «Local vision» Banca BW in Kunstlerhaus Stuttgart sau «Jurnal polonez», Centre Pompidou Paris. Warsza a coordonat un ciclu de ACTIUNI TR Teatrul din Varsovia, invitand artisti vizuali sa interactioneze cu zona de teatru: Pawel Althamer, Rafal Betlejewski, Katarzyna Kozyra.

Fundatia Laura Palmer opereaza la granita dintre fictiune si realitate. Imprumutand numele personajului, a carui absenta devine motorul filmului lui David Lynch, colectivul produce actiuni, situatii, performante, expozitii. Incorporand viata reala si fictiunea, confruntand experienta si reprezentarea ei, Fundatia Laura Palmer trateaza curatoriatul ca pe o forma de arta. Laura Palmer este un label independent creat in 2007


Boniek - remake al meciului Polonia- Belgia de Massimo Furlan comentat de Tomasz Zimoch; credit foto: Mikolaj Dlugosz



Stadium X, located in the center of Warsaw is a contemporary ruin. Build from the debris of the destroyed city after II WW was to be the flagship of the Stalin era. In the early 1980s, it lost its function as a sports facility to be later on “resuscitated” by Vietnamese and Russian traders – the pioneers of capitalism who placed their camp beds with all sorts of goods creating the biggest market in central Europe called Jarmark Europa. The ruined Stadium and the market are today the only “out of logic” place in the capital. The area is overgrown with wild plants, shops are open here from 3 am to 12 pm, the crowd is communicating in a number of Asian languages while archeologists patrol the remains searching for medieval treasures, making the place a Warsaw Berlin wall. The stadium and the market are to be replaced by a new National Stadium by the end of 2008. This many-year (absent) presence of the ruin in the centre of a postcommunist city, the ongoing debate on Poland’s hosting of Euro 2012, lack of discussion on the architectural heritage of the postwar era as well as the invisibility of the Vietnamese minority and a different order of this place brought about a series of performative events titled “Finissage of the Stadium X and Jarmark Europa in episodes”.

The presentation will focus on 3 artistic projects reflecting the heterotopic and unreal character of the place, which – similarly to a cemetery, a garden or a theme park – is both fantastic and factual, reflecting the virtues and vices of the society that gave it shape. Presented projects will be: Boniek! – a remake of a match Poland-Belgium by Swiss artist Massimo Furlan commented by famous sport announcer Tomasz Zimoch; Radio Stadion Broadcasts – international radio for a weekend in all languages of the market and Trip to Asia – acoustic walk in the Vietnamese sector of the Jarmark Europa market.

Joanna Warsza
Polish, 32, performance curator and artist, runs Laura Palmer Foundation, graduated from Warsaw Academy of Theater and studied also at the Dance Department at Paris 8 University. Curates and invents performance actions at the edge of everyday life, participation art and theater featuring Trip to Asia – acoustic walk through the Vietnamese sector of Jarmark Europa”, Virtual MOMA Warsaw – guided tour in the invisible exhibition, Global Kebab Network – a show in Kebab bar at Belluard Festival in Fribourg, Local vision in BW Bank in Kunstlerhaus Stuttgart or Polska Diary in Centre Pompidou in Paris. Warsza also run a cycle ACTIONS in TR Warszawa theater, inviting visual artists to interfere with theater context.

Laura Palmer Foundation operates on the verge of fiction and reality. Borrowing its name from the character whose central absence organizes the action of David Lynch’s movie, the collective produces actions, situations, conceptual exhibitions, participation events and performances. Incorporating real life and science fiction, confronting experience and its representation, it treats curating as an art form. Laura Palmer is an independent label and was created in 2007.



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